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Four 30min. pilates reformer sessions for beginners only, just $150.
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A pilates reformer machine

Reformer Class

This class consists of exercises on a Pilates Reformer. The 50 minute class focuses on increasing your strength, flexibility, and core strength. The Pilates Reformer adds resistance to the workout so you will feel and see the results faster! We can also incorporate a cardio workout for calorie burn and weight loss! Group, semi-private, or private available.

People doing pilates exercises on a mat.

Mat Class

The Pilates Mat class is a 50 min class that does Pilates exercises on a mat. We use free weights, and various other fitness props to enhance your workout. We work on balance, core strength, flexibility, and endurance. Core strength and balance are so important for all of us, but especially as we get older.


Stretch Therapy Session

This is a 50 min. one-on-one session with the instructor. We will come up with a personalized stretch routine that will help position, stabilize, isolate and stretch those muscles. You will feel great and the benefits you will receive are life changing!


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Private Reformer Class


Semi-Private Reformer Class


8 Session Membership

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12 Session Membership

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50 Minute Stretch Therapy Session



"In 2011, along with a group of family members, my husband and I rafted the Grand Canyon. We chose to hike out of the canyon which was an 8 mile hike with a 1 mile gain in elevation.  Because I had little strength, I needed help….. a friend recommended Jody’s Pilates class. That experience was life changing for me.  I knew then that I could accomplish the hike carrying a backpack with ALL of the items I needed for the week!  Other adventures have followed including a bicycle trip in Italy. With her expertise throughout the 12 years I have attended her classes, my experiences have resulted in my ability to undertake, with confidence, other adventures. Most importantly, however, she still is enabling me to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Thanks for all that you have done for me. Your teaching is definitely your calling."

Chris Niemi

Great North Pilates for 12 Years